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I'm Jon Peirce, the owner and sole employee of Industrious Revolution, located in Union Village, North Smithfield, Rhode Island.  I have been designing and building furniture for over 40 years and professionally since 2016 when I said farewell to corporate life!


My workshop is compact, so I generally work on one project at a time, from start to finish, as opposed to working on several projects in parallel.  The size of my workshop also limits the sizes of the pieces I can tackle to lengths of 8 feet or shorter.

While I use power tools where hand work is impractical or cost prohibitive, I do as much work with hand tools as is practical. All my dovetails are cut with hand tools.  I use card scrapers and scraping planes to smooth surfaces.  I use traditional animal hide glue for fastening joinery and for veneering.  The wood I use is the best available, and I select boards to optimize the aesthetic impact on the piece of furniture I’m building. My finishes of choice are shellac, urethane wiping varnish, and paste wax.

My objective is to make beautiful furniture that you and your family will treasure and use for many generations.

Whether it’s a custom piece made exactly to your specifications, or a piece from my catalog of original designs, you can be assured it will be made with extraordinary attention to detail, uncompromising craftsmanship, and outstanding solid woods and brasses.

I pride myself on not only the quality of the end product, but also in the quality of your experience throughout the process from quotation through delivery.  You will receive timely communication.  I will meet my commitments.  You will love the end product.  Guaranteed, or your money back!

Contact me with any questions you have, or if you would like to explore an order or commission


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